Students savor spring and summer concerts


Avital Ohayon

Jaxdn Hossler performs at Revolution Live on April 23.

Loud music, crowded isles, screaming fans. While those seem like factors to avoid, music fans run towards them.    

Students hit venues like the Hard Rock Stadium, the FLA live arena, FTX arena, and small local clubs to watch their favorite artists. 

Sophomore Avital Ohayon was surprised with tickets to see Jaxdn Hossler in concert at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. 

“It was everything I expected; it was actually pretty fun,” Ohayon said.   

Even though going to a concert may seem like a quick and easy process, it could take months to get tickets. Avital and her friend, sophomore Sofia Simoglou,  had to wait a year after getting her tickets to get to the day of their Jaxdn concert, and even after they got to the venue, they still waited two hours to get into the concert and get good seats. 

Sophomore Stella Baghirova went to a Chase Atlantic concert on August 9 in Orlando. 

During concerts there are usually merchandise stands before you get to your seats. These stands have items like posters, shirts, or even hats that cost about $20-$80. Baghirova purchased a baseball cap for about $35. 

Even though the concert was outdoors, that didn’t stop people from dressing their best. 

“The dress code was very Y2K, very modern emo, like it was very tiny top baggy pants, you know,” Stella said. 

Most times, at the end of the concert or show, artists leave the stage then come back after a few minutes for an encore. 

“At the end of the show they all went off stage and they were like oh you thought we were done, then they came out and sang another song. That was definitely the best part,”  Baghirova said. 

Since school has started back up, not many people are going to concerts and many artists’ tours are coming to the end but will most likely start back up when everyone starts getting free time, or when new albums are released.