Students gear up for Spring Break

After months of taxing study and work, most students (and teachers) can’t wait to catch a break. Now with Spring Break on the horizon, everyone is looking forward to something a little different. Whether it’s surfing on sunny side beaches, traveling around the world, or just staying home and relaxing, everyone has their own plan for how to spend their week off.

Many students will be traveling to fun and exotic locations, ranging from parts of Florida to different countries. Junior Zach Finkelstein will be traveling up north to see the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.

“I’m going to New York to see a bunch of shows,” Finkelstein said. “Every year I always try to go during the spring season to see all the new shows open and shop.”

Sophomore Carol Rada will be traveling to South America then returning home to relax.

“I may go to Colombia with my friend Marianna,” Rada said. “After that I’m gonna come back here and then spend time with my friends, hang out, and sleep a lot.”

Other than just having fun, many plan to catch up on certain responsibilities and chores during the break.

“During Spring Break? I’m gonna be fixing my house,”  history teacher Braulio Hernandez said. “And I’m going to a baseball game.”

Some students are using the week off to plan for their futures. Senior Michael Cury will be visiting colleges to find the right place for his post-high school education.

There’s also students who plan to spend the break with their friends and families. Junior Michael Berkowitz is traveling to Sarasota for his cousin’s birthday. On the other hand, senior Azmain Awsaf plans to enjoy the time at home.

“I will be spending time with my close ones: my dog, my family, my friends, and spend as much time with them as I can,” Awsaf said.