Tragic event in Miami hits home

The growing call for gun safety measures hit home again after a local tragedy.  In November, a 17-year-old from North Miami High School was shot and killed because of another boy holding and playing with a gun near him. His tragic death shocked the community, even inside the school. Senior football player Tyler Hunt spoke on the issue. 

“It was a tragic thing that happened. I feel as if guns should never be around children of all ages because of that incident. I feel bad for the family and I’m very sorry for their loss but the government needs to do something about gun safety,” Hunt said. 

Sophomore  Maddox Fowles grew up with the victim in Miami. This tragedy has driven him to focus more on basketball and school.

“I really felt bad for his family and it really made me feel some type of way; they really need to get rid of guns ‘cause it’s not protecting people; it’s just used to kill people, to take innocent lives for no reason. He was like a brother to me,” Maddox said. 

Senior Nelson Walker also grew up with the victim. This incident really opened his eyes to stay out of trouble.

“I really ain’t know how to feel to be honest, I used to be around him every day going to practice and working out in the gym. It hurt so see that someone else I was close to, dead and gone from another gun shooting.”

The more personal connections students have to victims, the clearer the calls for gun safety measures become, particularly guns in the hands of children and young adults.