Students react to possible TikTok ban


“TikTok on iPhone” by Nordskov Media is marked with CC0 1.0.

Within recent years, TikTok has taken the world by storm. Since 2019, the app has been growing more and more every day, with around 1.53 billion users creating, posting and sharing short videos. In 2020, India chose to ban TikTok, and as of 2023, the United States Government has been considering taking the same approach. Due to Data and safety concerns, the US. government has been pushing for a nation-wide tiktok ban, which as of March 5, has been implemented in Florida Universities, such as FSU and FIU.

Many believe TikTok should not be banned, as it gives people from all across the world an opportunity to openly express themselves. The platform allows people to connect  with others who have similar interests, such as politics, music, animals, etc.

“My favorite type of videos Tiktok offers me are videos on sewing your own clothing, TikTok has offered me many helpful videos on getting better at my hobbies,” junior Rebecca Forbes said.

Other students claim Tiktok gives many people a voice and an opportunity to speak on their ideas and opinons.  

“I disagree with the TikTok ban because not only do I use tiktok for enjoyment, but also for information that is relevant in the world,” junior Lily Eckback said.

“I’ve learned more about events going on in our World from tiktok than from news websites and channels,” junior Mariam Kolley said. “Tiktok keeps me updated on the things going on not only in my community, but in places around the world.”

Because of its many active users from different parts of the world,Tiktok allows people from different areas to engage in discussion, and speak about things going on in their communities. For example, after the school shooting in Nashville, which occurred a month ago, many users started speaking up about gun violence and sent worldwide support through the app. 

Though many believe the app should not be banned due to the reasons listed above, many feel skeptical about the app due to recent accusations regarding privacy and safety. Many believe the app is collecting and storing user data, or possibly selling it. Others worry the Chinese government could possibly be collecting sensitive data about many users.  

“Though I use TikTok daily, I’m not sure if keeping it on the app store is the best idea,” senior Sophia Jansen said. “Mainly for safety and privacy reasons, I don’t want my personal information being sold.” 

Another reason many are in support of the TikTok ban is the promotion of harmful content. Because of the app’s low censorship, many harmful videos have been posted to the platform such as videos containing violence and hate speech. Many believe the platform needs an overall ban to protect teenagers, children, and even adults from the harmful content on the app.

“I’ve seen some harmful videos since I downloaded the app,” junior Mariam Kolley said. “I believe the app needs to work on its censorship policy, these videos could harm the children who have the app downloaded.”

 Many argue the harmful content  doesn’t take away from the inspiring and helpful content tik tok has to offer. Junior Rebecca Forbes said the app has given her helpful and inspiring videos regarding mental health and school. 

“TikTok has shown me many videos for SAT prep that helped me heavily, and overall has helped me with motivational videos regarding school work,” Forbes said. “There’s good and bad to everything, and if the app were to be banned over political issues, it’d be a shame.”

 Both sides have compelling arguments. Banning TikTok is unfair for many who rely on the app, but the issues regarding privacy and safety aren’t ok either. Overall, the app should work to improve its censorship and data policies, and should focus on making the platform a safe place for all its users.