Spotify Wrapped puts bow on students’ musical year

As the year came to an end, music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple music released their users’ most listened to songs, genres, and artists. Many students were eager to show off their most listened to. 

To some students, like sophomore Leila Narciza, music means everything. Narciza claimed to have had a total of 92,526 minutes listened to this year on Spotify.

 “I listen to music all day, as soon as I wake up and while I fall asleep.”   

Narciza’s top artist was Frank Ocean, while her top song was Coming Down by The Weeknd.

“I think my wrapped shows that I listen to the same two playlists over and over,” Narciza joked. 

Even though Narciza has a vinyl collection, she believes Spotify is better since “you can listen to music anywhere.” 

While Narciza mainly listened to hip-hop and R&B rap, the top listened to genre this year according to, many students like senior Lillian Flores listened to a bunch of pop music. 

Ever since Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, came out late October that’s all she could listen to. Swift was her top artist and song with “You’re On Your Own Kid.” 

Flores also claims to listen to music as much as possible. She had 27,765 total minutes.

“I have really basic taste, but I’ve enjoyed Taylor Swift since elementary school, so I think my wrapped shows that my music taste hasn’t changed throughout the years,” Flores said. 

Another genre that has been growing in streams is Latin pop. Sophomore Julissa Rodriguez said that was her top genre. 

“I like the beats, even if I don’t fully understand what’s being said; I still enjoy listening,” Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez had 72,455 total minutes listened to this year with Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny being her top artist. His most streamed song “Me Porto Bonito” was her top song this year. 

“I would say my wrapped shows that I’m at least trying to connect to my culture by listening to the music,” she said.