Gifts that keep on giving laughs

Not everyone can accomplish the art of gift giving. Does one go with practical or frivolous, crafty or purchased? While it’s really the thought that counts, but being able to laugh off a not-so-good gift is key.

Gifts for 9-year-olds usually include toy cars, clothes and Barbies. South Broward High School junior Giada Collier got something different. Even though she asked for nothing, her aunt insisted on getting her hot sauce.

“My aunt got a hot sauce kit for the family,” Collier said. “Like a box with a bunch of different hot sauces. It was a lot of hot sauce.”

Cypress Bay sophomore Ana Rodrigez got what she deemed a useless gift.

“I work at a pizza place,” Rodrigez said, “and my manager gave me a gift card to that exact pizza place I work at. I ended up giving it to my friend.”

Rodrigez admitted she was a little annoyed because she already gets free food, but her manager had a good laugh at it.

Freshman Rebekah Rondon got a gift from her mom, who hoped it would educate her. On her 11th birthday, Rondond got a special book.

“I guess my mom didn’t feel like giving me ‘the talk’” Rondon said, “So she gave me a book instead. It was one of those puberty books that teach you about changes and your body. Really awkward.” 

Rondon expressed how awkward it was to receive the gift, but now she can make jokes about it.

“The pictures in those books are engraved in my mind,” Rondon said.

Cypress Bay student Susanna Lee did have something on her wish list, but it didn’t go as planned.

“I asked for a laptop and got socks,” Lee said.

Socks are a classic gift with mixed reactions. They can be really loved or really hated. The older someone gets, the more they seem to want more socks as presents.

“I think I got (socks) because socks are easy to give,” Lee said. “My aunt gave them to me.”

“I mean like they’re practical,” junior Camryn Kreitman said, “I always need socks.”

“I’d feel really grateful to get socks for Christmas,” junior Andres Cortez said, “because then I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to buy them when I can just receive them (for) Christmas.”

Other times gifts can come from significant others who are still figuring out how to keep the relationship strong, like senior Juan DeSousa.

“I used to talk to this girl and she bought me a T-shirt,” DeSousa said, “but she got it two sizes too big. I don’t know why she thought I was so big.”

Even though it wouldn’t fit, the T-shirt was still put to use.

“It ended up being my dad’s size, so I just gave it to him,” DeSousa said. “He loved it.”

Junior John Mannion expressed that he is just fine with getting a gift.

“It doesn’t matter what you get,” Mannion said, “as long as you get something.”

It is hard to find the right gift for the right person. There can be confusion and mistakes, but at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. As long as there can be a good laugh that comes out of it, things won’t turn out as bad as expected.