Cuddle up to these 5 Christmas movies

Whether it’s on Netflix, Disney+, or in theaters, winter break is the time to watch holiday films.


CBS /Landov

The 1964 version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been a holiday classic for 55 years.

Certain things like decorating trees, sparkling lights, hot chocolate and presents give people a taste of the winter season, but nothing will put people in the true holiday spirit like Christmas movies. Classics like “Elf,” “Home Alone” and “The Santa Clause” are played on repeat in homes all around the world during the month of December.

This year alone, over 90 new Christmas movies have premiered. Out of this plethora of new movies, originals released by Netflix, Disney +, and one independent production stand out. 

Kicking off the Netflix set is “The Knight before Christmas”  starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse as love interests. In this movie, magic brings a knight from the 14th century to modern times in Ohio, where he meets and falls in love with high school science teacher Brooke. Brooke has a negative view of love, but will her “knight in shining armor” change her view this Christmas season? 

Targeting teen Netflix viewers, “Let it Snow” stars Isabela Moner, Shameik Moore and Kiernan Shipka and tells a story about a group of high school seniors during the holiday season. This movie brings a sense of realness by discussing issues of friendship, family troubles and future stresses. Some of the teenage stress the movie portrays is dealing with ill parents, leaving home to pursue your dreams and college acceptance status. “Let it Snow” shows these teenagers finding love, fixing friendships and appreciating the true joys of Christmas. 

“Holiday Rush” depicts a family’s financial struggle that arises just before Christmas. This Netflix movie shows the important lesson that money is not as important as it seems and that family is what should be valued not only during the Christmas season but all year long. 

The new streaming site Disney+ also introduced “Noelle.” It tells the story of Santa Claus’s retirement and supposed successor, his only son (Bill Hader) who is reluctant to take the job and has fled the scene. Noelle (Anna Kendrick), the daughter of the Claus family, decides she will take over her father’s role as Santa Claus and save the family business. This heartwarming movie shows the modern day spirit of feminism and family love.

Finally, “Last Christmas“ is a romantic holiday story still playing in theaters focusing on the life of a young woman (Emilia Clarke of “Game of Thrones” fame) who believes nothing can go right for her. She works at a year-round Christmas store as an elf, but feels like something is missing from her life. Just as the holiday season approaches, a stranger walks into her life who will brighten up her life. Her new love interest Tom (Henry Golding) helps her learn to have a new appreciation for her existence. 

These movies depict love, family, forgiveness and courage, and are a great reminder of the important values to the world this season.