Haunted Houses bring the “spook” to South Florida

Here lies the most exhilarating, fear inducing and scare-worthy Halloween attractions the local area has to offer.


Source: Miami Haunted Houses

“House of Horror” located in Doral, Florida.

While Halloween Horror Nights dominate Halloween to-do lists, more eerie and thrilling attractions exist closer to home. Universal Studios may be four hours away, but those who seek the same level of scare can stay local–for half the price.

House of Horrors,  Doral  

This is South Florida’s largest haunted house. This year, there are two brand new houses both spawning over two acres, “Area 13” and “Blossom Lane,” in addition to their classic “Circus Experience.” In Area 13, the scenario takes you on a discovery, granted by security clearance, to figure out why so many deaths have occurred. While on Blossom Lane, a tragic fire has taken place, and one will find out the streets mysterious inhabitants will protect what is theirs at all costs. Tickets start at $15 on Monday through Thursday, making it an ideal after school hot spot. Weekend tickets start at $30, good for Friday through Sunday. There are also fun carnival rides and delicious food to enjoy before entering destination doom.

Distorted Dreams Haunt, Lauderhill

While other houses are frightening and blood curdling, this one consists of gory body parts.  This haunted house is very graphic, different from the typical haunted house. It is not meant for little kids or the mild-hearted. If blood and discombobulated body parts are not your thing, another haunted house might be.

The Demented Haunt: Escape Room, Margate

If you like hands-on instead of just strolling through a long drawn out trail, then this one is for you. Here, there are three rooms with three different themes that one has to solve in 50 minutes. The house is a live, interactive attraction where one has to escape an infected area filled with hazardous objects and people. You may encounter a zombie or two along the way. Operating hours are from noon to 11 p.m., and admission is only $25 per person. It is a team effort to survive; one miscalculated move can cost you your life.

Fright Nights, West Palm Beach

Back with four brand new houses, two scare zones and carnival rides to rock pump up the adrenaline. Throughout the week, Fright Nights is open from 6-11 p.m., while on the weekends it closes at midnight. You can purchase a “Fright” Ticket, which includes park admission and 30 Fright Tickets. House admission is seven tickets each, while carnival rides are anywhere from one to three tickets, all for around $30.

Paranoia, Wynwood

A blackout horror maze tests your tolerance of fear. “Paranoia” carefully manipulates the sense of fear as one travels through mazes in the night. It is located in the newly renovated heart of Wynwood, also known as the “block.” Fun fact: 1,165 people have chickened out, as of October 10. This one is definitely not for the weak, so enter at your own risk. Tickets are $24.99 and only can be purchased at the door.