How big can little lies be


big little lies tv poster from HBO, used under fair use.

How big can little lies be? The answer lies in the new HBO limited series “Big Little Lies.”   The show immediately enticed viewers with a dark yet comedic frenzy, leaving them wanting to know what is next.

The series is based off of a novel entitled “Big Little Lies,” written by Liane Moriarty. With Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley starring as three mothers, each raising first graders, they add a new flair to the series by portraying their characters beautifully.

The show is set in Monterey, California, where a big city can turn into a small town due to consistent gossip and lies. The mothers appear to be holding onto a past that is not so pleasant.

Competition and gossip amongst all of the mothers at the elementary school plays a big role in the storyline. The show depicts what real life mothers are capable of, and will stop at nothing to be the best parents in the school. In the first episode, viewers get a glimpse of who the characters really are, but the connection perceived in the first episode is only the beginning. Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) is a persistent go-getter mother who will stop at nothing to be first, due to her arch nemesis “Renata.”

When stumbling on her daughter’s first day of school, Madeline stumbles into Jane (Shailene Woodley), who has a dirty little secret that adds suspense later on in the episode. Since the two mothers realize their children attend the same elementary school, they run into Celeste (Nicole Kidman). The day continues when the mothers pick up their children from school, when the daughter of Madeline’s rivalry Renata (Laura Dern).

When the unethical approach to point out who strangled Renata’s daughter “Amabella,” she points out Ziggy (Iain Armitage), Jane’s son. This brings a new look on who Jane really is and why her son would ever do that, introducing controversy and gossip in the town. Although Ziggy denies it, Jane truly believes Ziggy did not do it. The entire episode covers the question of Ziggy’s innocence and the relationships behind each of the mothers.

In Episode 2, “Serious Mothering,” the plot thickens in the series, leaving more for viewers to figure out. Jane seems to dodge the question about Ziggy’s father. Madeline and Renata still feud in regards to Amabella’s birthday. Since Ziggy is not invited, Madeline refuses to let her daughter go, inevitably causing problems.

Meanwhile, Celeste suggests counseling to her husband Perry (Alexander Sarsgaard) while Celeste and Perry may seem to have the perfect marriage, it later unfolds slowly but surely that the two have major issues of their own.

The show has unexpected twists and turns that cause the viewer to crave more information. When expecting just a casual suburban lifestyle between mothers, viewers will notice the hiccup along the road, leading to suspense and even gruesome murder.