“Digital Druglord” fails to deliver all the goods

photo courtesy of billboard.com and used under fair use

photo courtesy of billboard.com and used under fair use

The R&B newcomer, Blackbear, is starting to rise to fame with his third studio album “Digital Druglord.” The album was released on April 21 and is still on repeat. The record contains songs for all genres of emotions. There are party, depressing and love songs. Even with the varying styles, there is not a song that does not make listeners want to party despite the occasional depressive lyric..

The album opens up with “hell is where [I] dreamt of u and woke up alone.” The song describes his depressive moments, a story on how the girl he was deeply in love with was practically hell and did nothing but ruin him.

The star track of the record, “do re mi,” truly shines. His reputation of killer bops and hard jams remains true with this song. Its hard R&B sound gives a person this ominous vibe that makes anyone feel like they own the place.

“[J]uicy sweatsuits,” featuring Juicy J, has to be one of the worst features in his career. Known as the artist who has featured people like G-Eazy, Mike Posner and 24 hours on past records, this collaboration with Juicy drastically fails. The track sounds amazing and the atmosphere hypes up listeners, until Juicy joins in, for he ruins the song. The song should have been a solo and probably would of been a bigger hit if it was.

A short but phenomenal song called “if [I] could [I] would feel nothing” is a sad song turned upbeat that bumps his previous joykill tracks.

“Chateau” is a straight pop hit. The feeling listeners get when they listen to the song is nothing but uplifting. The party-toned chorus and vibe-inducing verses make this song a killer track, proving to be one of the artist’s best song in a long time.

The record ends out with “Make Daddy Proud,” the worst and most misogynistic song in the album. The song completely degrades women by saying this girl was dependent on a man; it has a great beat, but the song’s lyrical content is controversial.

The artist promotes “Digital Druglord” as “his best album yet,” even though the lack of response and song charting says otherwise when compared to his other albums. The record is great but totally is not his best in any way.

Blackbear’s third album is available everywhere from Amazon Music to iTunes.