Kodak Black locks up Tallahassee performance

Editor’s Note: This concert review was written prior to Kodak’s recent arrest.

An extensive line formed outside Coliseum in Tallahassee on Feb. 24, as hundreds of people waited for rapper Kodak Black’s performance. The swarm of people circled around the plaza where the venue was located as the crowd eagerly awaited entrance. “That’s my baby! I need to get in there to see him,” one eager fan exclaimed.

Once let in, there were underground rappers on stage hyping up the crowd before Kodak came out. The venue was dark and countless people surrounded the tables and each other. They danced and sang along to songs, some people becoming impatient waiting for the headliner.

“Y’all ready for Kodak? Say it with me: Kodak! Kodak! Kodak!”, the rappers on stage yelled, followed by Kodak Black shouting into the microphone. He came out singing his latest hit “Tunnel Vision,” and the crowd lost it. People danced along to the song and copied his famous dance move, the side to side sway. The songs, ranging from “Skrilla” to “Tunnel Vision” and “There He Go”, represented both his older albums and more recent additions to his catalogue, with fans singing along to every single one.

At a certain point, the crowd began acting rowdier and the event became too packed and uncomfortable, rather than fun. People began stepping away from the overcrowded front stage area and towards the back to get fresh air. Kodak performed a few more songs and then exited the stage as the event came to a finish.

Although the crowd eventually died down, the concert consistently exuded energy from hours of dancing and singing.