‘Over U’ tour review

Photo of Blackbear courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and used under fair use.

Photo of Blackbear courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and used under fair use.

A night full of bright lights and intimate, exhilarating moments characterized Blackbear’s concert. The Los Angeles-based R&B artist, Blackbear, illuminated the stage at his “over u” tour in Miami on Jan. 21. The concert was his first time performing in Miami despite being born and raised nearby in Daytona Beach.

The show opened with an upcoming pop star, Taylor Colson. She played her single, “I’ll Ride For You,” as well as songs from her debut self-titled EP. There are not many artists that can open for someone and perform just as well as the headliner.

A rap duo called Surf Club, composed of Snooze God and Relo, followed. They hyped up the crowd and created an unforgettable party. Their new single, “Snapchat,” was a complete banger to anyone who enjoys rap or R&B.

The last opener to make an appearance was rapper Yung Pinch. His sounds made listeners explode with excitement every time they were heard. He played songs off his debut album, “714 Ever.” The song “When I Was Yung” was one that stood out because it created a fun  atmosphere.

The stage was simple yet aesthetically pleasing. There was a main stage and a tiny catwalk that lead to a rise, making Blackbear higher than the rest of the crowd. The main stage only contained his drummer and a few silver balloons that spelled out “OVER U.” The rise had smoke coming out from under him, which gave a Marilyn Monroe vibe. Bear had little space, but still managed to work with what he had.

Blackbear started off his set with “Dirty Laundry,” a classic from his debut album “Deadroses.”

Despite the small crowd, the enthusiasm made it feel like there were twelve times the amount of people. Blackbear even started to shed some tears when everyone was singing his unreleased song, “If I Could I Would Feel Nothing.”

One random act of kindness during the concert was when he took a fan’s phone and sang into it during “Deadroses.”

He also fell into a small space, but recovered quickly, managing to keep the crowd hyped. He ended the concert with his most popular song, “Idfc.”

He left everyone in indescribable emotions. Everyone seemed impressed by the show he put on.

The show, overall, was breathtaking because of the mixture of emotions and the passion he imbued into every song he performed. He is still on the “over u” tour, and he will return to Miami for “Rolling Loud” on May 5. Seeing him live is an ethereal experience; fans should consider attending one of his concerts if they crave a true performer.