You Me at Six ‘Night People’ album review

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English rock band You Me at Six’s new album “Night People,” provides an opportunity for their alternative/pop rock touch to shine through.

The band, formed in 2004, consists of four members: lead vocalist Josh Franceschi, lead guitarist Chris Miller, rhythm guitarist Max Helyer, bassist Matt Barnes and drummer Dan Flint. Flint came into the band in 2007 and replaced former drummer Joe Phillips prior to their debut album release. This is all of the members’ first successful band after their breakout album, Take Off Your Colors in 2008. In the beginning of 2017, the band released their fifth studio album, “Night People,” to the public. Although the album’s title track was released in August, the entire album was not released until Jan. 6, making it almost three years since the release of their 2014 album, “Cavalier Youth.”

Not veering far from their alternative pop style, “Night People” demonstrates the band’s uniqueness. The lyrics “It’s what you want (it’s) it’s what you need” are repeated in this song multiple times making it an earworm.

The hit single “Heavy Soul” uniquely proves to be soft and heavy at the same time. The lyrics “Nobody knows you’ve got a heavy soul,” represent Franceschi’s feelings of heartache and lost love. Listeners infer that he’s the only person who can genuinely connect with the individual he’s referring to.

This album has a darker tone than the music the band normally releases.  The lyrics “My darkest days have come and pulled me under” from “Spell It Out” stand out on the album, because feelings of completely giving up are expressed. But as the song continues, it demonstrates that Josh  has some faith left that can be restored: “I won’t give up on me, if you don’t too.”

Although You Me At Six are yet to receive fame in America, “Night People” has created a strong start for them in this new year and hopefully will create another British invasion in the United States.