Students focus on self-improvement in new year

2022 is coming to an end, and with the new year approaching, students across campus have been planning out how they want to spend it. Whether it’s finishing up schoolwork, self improvement, or spending more time with friends and family, many students have big plans for this upcoming year. 

“I want to focus on my physical and mental health more this coming year,” junior Ryan Reynolds said. “I plan on working out at the gym, eating healthier food, and overall improving myself.” 

Self improvement is a common resolution students tend to have this year. It’s good to know many students are taking the time to work to be the best version of themselves. Self care is extremely important. 

“I want to have a cleaner mindset, keep up with my mental health, and overall be a healthier version of myself,” freshman Zakeiah Aburto said.

With the second quarter coming to a close, many students expressed that this coming year they wish to improve their academics, and do better the next coming quarter. 

“This coming year I am going to try for better grades, and study for my exams. It’s my last year of highschool so I want to do my best,” senior Sophia Jansen said. “I plan on working hard next quarter for better grades, I plan on trying my hardest in school this year,” junior Jaden Delerme said. 

Grades seemed to be an extremely common resolution among both seniors and juniors, as they are approaching their last years of high school.

Though grades and self improvement were quite common among students’ new year’s resolutions, many students have different plans in mind, such as spending time with friends.

“I want to enjoy this year to the fullest,” senior Lexi Leonardo said. “It’s my last year at Western and I want to spend it with my friends before I graduate next year.” 

Junior Mariam Kolley expressed a similar resolution stating she loves her friends as if they were her family, and she wants to spend as much time as possible with them, making more memories and taking more pictures this upcoming year. 

Some students, such as sophomore Jordyn Zveibil, went above and beyond with their New Year’s resolutions. 

“This coming year, I want to get extremely rich. It may sound unrealistic but I will find a way,” Zveilbil explains. 

Overall, 2023 opens up a gateway of opportunities for students to improve different aspects of their life, and many students are excited for a new fresh start.