Students not afraid to dress up or trick or treat this Halloween


photo courtesy of K. Reid

Seniors Kurt Reid Jr and Nichole Sassman (senior) dress as Men in Black at school on Oct. 31.

Spooky season, the time for trick or treating, Halloween parties, and most importantly, dressing up has passed. On Monday, October 31, students dressed in various types of halloween costumes invaded the hallways.

Halloween is the one time a year students get to dress up in costumes, many students this year took advantage of Halloween being on a school day, and decided to attend school in their costumes. 

“I dressed up as Cat Woman on Monday,”  

“All my friends decided to be vampires, but I chose to dress as Cat Woman because the city needs me,” junior Nicole Grajales said.

Grajales also spoke about her favorite costume she witnessed., 

“I saw a student dressed as a zombie, they had fake blood and a fake eye falling out. The blood looked real,” Grajales said. I thought it was super cool and you can tell they put a lot of effort into their costume.” 

Sophomore Rachel Orantes shared that she not only dressed up for Halloween, but wore a total of three costumes this year. 

“My family and I dressed up as a card game together at first, a few days later I dressed as a cat for a halloween party,” Orantes said. “For another party I was a witch, eventually when I had nothing left to wear I ended up writing “I have no costume” on my face.” 

Orantes also spoke about the costumes she saw when she attended school on Monday.

“At school I saw a Batman costume, pirates, and vampires; everyone looked so cool.” 

Rachel and Nicole were not the only students who dressed up for school, as junior Leah Lugassy spoke about her multiple Halloween costumes as well.

“I couldn’t decide between Regina George from Mean Girls or a Vampire,” Lugassy explained. “I ended up choosing both and wearing them on different days because I couldn’t decide and I didnt want to waste my money on a costume I wasn’t going to wear. 

Senior Trystyn Rodriguez dressed up as Ken Keneki from Tokyo Ghoul. 

“The only memorable costume I saw at school on Halloween was a guy dressed as a banana,” Rodriguez said.

Though many believe high school is too old to dress up, students across campus disagree. Overall, many students attended school dressed up, after school, some students reported they still went trick or treating. 

“Age doesn’t stop me from dressing up, or trick-or-treating, I think everyone has the right to enjoy halloween,” Demarion Klalo said. “I’m not gonna let anyone ruin my Halloween; I’m almost an adult; I want to enjoy it while I can.” 

Klalo also spoke about the bags of candy he received while trick or treating. 

“I had a heavy pillowcase full of candy; I trick-or-treated for around an hour.”

Leah Lugassy shares a similar opinion to Klalo, as she explains her opinion on highschoolers trick-or-treating. 

“I think it’s ok to trick or treat until you’re an adult,” Lugassy said. “High schoolers should be able to trick or treat without feeling judged by their peers and other adults. We’re only able to do it for so long.”