Students prepare for Hollywood Homecoming week


photo courtesy of G. Anderson

Students participate in homecoming spirit week on Barbecue Dads vs. Soccer Moms day held on Oct. 12.

Whether it was shopping for something nice to wear or finding a date, students across campus prepared for a fun-filled week of Hollywood-themed homecoming festivties. 

Dress shopping was a critical part of homecoming preparation, many students expressed that their favorite part about homecoming is looking for something nice to wear. 

“My grandma and I decided to go dress shopping together, it was honestly so much better than going alone and I had fun trying on all the dresses,” sophomore Kayla Aurich said.

“I ended up choosing a sparkly blue dress for homecoming this year; I honestly was so excited to wear it.” 

Junior Rebecca Forbes also spoke about what she picked out for homecoming; she described a floral dress with heels and lots of jewelry. Dress shopping wasn’t the only thing students were excited about; the dance itself increased anticipation.  

“I was most excited to show off my dance moves; I haven’t had an opportunity like that in a while,” senior Seayana Graf said.

Forbes also claims she expects “better dance moves from everyone” this coming Saturday. 

Aside from Homecoming expectations and preparations, students got ready for homecoming by celebrating spirit week. From October 10 to October 14, students came to school dressed up. Some of the spirit week themes included dressing as the first letter of your name, or dressing as a favorite movie star. 

“My favorite spirit day was definitely alphabet day because it’s really creative,“ junior Mariam Kolley said. 

“My favorite spirit week day was definitely BBQ dads vs soccer moms. I think it was very easy for people to do and so many people dressed up!” junior Christina Keller said. 

Overall, Spirit week gives many students the opportunity to come together, dress up, and  have a good time. It’s the perfect way to get everyone excited for homecoming. 

Homecoming proposals were quite popular this year as well. Students these past few weeks have come to school with decorated poster boards, flowers, and candy. “I’ve seen a few proposals this year,” junior Christina Keller said. “I love the creative ones, I even saw a proposal where they had party poppers with confetti.”  

“I’ve seen a few cute and simple proposals; they’re adorable and super sweet,” senior Seayana Graf said. 

Proposals get everyone excited for homecoming, and overall build up the excitement for Saturday night. 

The nearly sold-out dance was held at Broward Convention Center for the first time in several years. 764 tickets were sold and campus consensus was it was worth the wait.