Role models inspire students to best version of themselves


"Parents and kids learn together" by DFID - UK Department for International Development is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Parents are often inspirational figures for their children, as they teach them lifelong skills and help them develop into compassionate and hardworking adults.

From admiring the hard work and compassion parents exhibit to wanting to emulate the life of a successful athlete or businesswoman, having a person you admire or aspire to be like is a motivation to improve every day. Role models provide motivation to continue working hard in school and becoming the best version of themselves. The ideal way of life and future varies within each individual. Some dream of having a family to create and share memories with. Others dream of being the first in their families to attend college and have a successful career. 

From integrity and compassion to resilience and dedication, some parents exhibit admirable traits that students strive to show in their own lives. For example, junior Mollie Nisim is inspired every day by her mother. 

“My mom is my inspiration because she is super hard working and selfless and does everything she can to make sure that I am happy and can succeed,” Nisim said. “I aspire to be as amazing as she is;, she is successful in almost everything including her career and family.” 

Role models can be professional athletes, singers or performers, actors and actresses, and even friends or strangers that have shown dedication, kindness, perseverance, and other admirable qualities. Junior Victor Ribeiro looks up to former politician, bodybuilder, businessman, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

“I admire how he immigrated to America from another country and created a great life for himself,” Ribeiro said. “He inspires many people in different ways and worked hard for his success.”

Sophomore Hanna Talulkar admires singer and fashion designer Selena Quintanilla for her representation of Latina culture in her talent. 

“Selena was an amazing role model for Latina women and was courageous and confident in everything she did,” Talulkar said. “She was always her true self even when it wasn’t ideal in the world at the time.”

Role models can provide guideposts for those unsure of what they want to do in the future as they learn and grow in life. Freshman Dylan Deprimo said that Chris McKay, director and animator for the animated Lego Batman movies, is someone that he looks up to for a variety of reasons. 

Deprimo admired how he turned his once deemed “crazy thoughts and ideas” into a multi-million dollar movie franchise and has produced films that entertain and enlighten the young minds of the many people that watch and enjoy his movies. 

“McKay is an awesome director and I aspire to be like him artistically and socially,” Deprimo said. “He has a very creative mind and used his abilities to create a successful life for himself.”