School SAT day proves reality check for juniors


"Standardized Test Close-Up" by biologycorner is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

All juniors took the SAT on Wednesday, March 2 in the 1300’s building and additional parts of the main building. The test was held during periods 5-7.

Juniors faced the storm that is the school-wide SAT on March 2, with some having prepared by doing practice tests and review and others who didn’t feel prepared at all.

With this being the first year back fully in person since COVID, several students were anxious about the test. Many students said that due to the lockdown last year they lacked the knowledge of math required since it was online courses. 

“I did not feel prepared at all, my math class didn’t really prepare me and I hadn’t gone over the math on it since ninth or tenth grade,” junior Seayana Graf said.

Graf said she hadn’t practiced the type of math that was required since a year or two ago which left her completely unprepared.

“I felt prepared going into the reading and writing portion of it; however, with the math portion I wasn’t as prepared,” junior Mikai Lobban said.“The night before I was looking up study questions for the SAT, and was just answering them all night.”

Juniors also added they felt very rushed, that they didn’t have the necessary time needed to fully complete the test to the best of their abilities. There were four sections that varied in length from 25 minutes to 65 minutes. 

Students complained about not having enough time to complete some of the sections for both subjects. While these are the standardized time limits for the SATs, students were not prepared to crunch down on their work that quickly.

Juniors said the SAT day’s arrival surprised them and at least half of them felt unprepared.