Students react to first full-day midterm schedule


Midterm exam schedule includes a study session prior to each two hour exam period, with two exams each day from Dec. 14-17.

As the second quarter ends, the midterm season becomes the main topic among all students. Not only will all midterms be in person but held during full school days. The exams are taken prior to winter break December 14-17 and can define a student’s semester grade.

The start of midterm season is pushing many students to stress. Due to the need for more in-school hours, the midterm week schedule was extended district-wide. In previous years, exam days were half days and students were able to leave campus after completing their required exams for that day. But this year school is in session until regular dismissal time and includes a study period before each two-hour exam block. 

“After not taking in-person midterms for a while, I’m dreading this year’s,” junior Anothny Llanos said. “An entire day of midterms sounds draining.” 

With the opportunity to exempt certain classes, students could decide what tests they wanted to take, with exceptions, and would be able to take the remainder of the day off for personal activities.  Those wanting to leave early need to submit a permission form, leaving some students furious. 

This entire change is considerable, as online midterms were virtually stress free. Students could simply log on to their class calls, take their exam and log out, going on with the rest of their day. Responsibilities and schedules were looser and less taxing. 

Sophomore Annalisa Bjorklund says that during midterm week last year, she was able to wake up just in time for their midterms or sleep in for later exams.

“My schedule was whatever I wanted it to be, as long as my exams were taken care of, I could relax,” Bjorklund said. “It’s like my winter break began a week early.”

Although juniors and seniors are familiar with the busy in person schedules of midterm week, they are still apprehensive towards exams in general, especially the revived schedule. 

Seniors like Connor Tunning agree that although exams are hectic, they will never compare to this year’s upcoming experience.  

The new schedule includes a review period for students to study and prepare for their following midterm. This aspect does seem to raise the spirits of some who have accepted the new schedule. 

 “Although I have mixed feelings for the whole schedule, I like the study period,” sophomore Ella Dever said. “It gives me a much-needed mental break in between exams.”