Disney live action remakes spark mixed reactions among fans


The May 21 live action remake of “Aladdin” drew criticism for its unrealistic visuals.

As Disney constantly strives to bring classic movies to life, audiences have mixed reviews on whether or not these films should be remade. Disney remakes often use the same plots and knowledge from the original but sometimes change the plot completely, disappointing fans of the original. Therefore, it seems as if the making of a remake can be inspired from different generations to reach the appeal of the audiences. Even though remakes are used to show a live version of a classic film, it appears as if there are too many being remade without a purpose.

There are many Disney movies that could use a live action version to show more of an explanation behind a character’s life or why something happened. Remakes could expand on much more than the original storyline, adding on to why things have happened and how a character got to a certain point. For instance, a Disney remake can go into more depth of a character’s life, this character being one that has an impact but has a background that is not known.

With this being said, Disney found itself at the center of an issue just before the release of “Aladdin.” When Disney announced that “Aladdin” would become a live action film fans wondered about what the Genie’s appearance would be. When the trailer was released, fans were skeptical about the Genie, played by Will Smith. Fans had thought the CGI looked strange, adding on a level of fear to the overall design of the movie. Overall, “Aladdin” topped 504.1 million worldwide and passed the 1992 version at the box office.

Other than the criticism that “Aladdin” faced, this was not the only movie that received backlash. Other films, such as “Dumbo” and “The Jungle Book,” raised questions about whether or not creators strayed too far from the original storylines. Released in March 2019, “Dumbo” did not live up to its potential when it hit theaters. In fact, it did not attract anywhere near the amount of people projected, the film was predicted to open with about $155 million but instead only made $116 million worldwide and opened with $45 million during the first weekend. Although it did stick to its storyline, it added some new elements, including more character backgrounds and stories. Unlike “Dumbo,” “The Jungle Book” ended with over 900 million worldwide exceeding its initial vision.

Disney should make remake films that dive more in depth instead of repeating the same storyline. When a storyline is repeated consistently there is nothing different to expect because the tale is already known from the classic films. Instead, Disney should take risks when making a film to add creative elements. “Maleficent,” which is correlated to “Sleeping Beauty” took risks and made the film interesting to watch. For example, the film expands of Maleficent’s backstory, explaining why she became the way she was. This new perspective gave audiences a better understanding of her character. The film also added beautiful elements when it came to the magic, for example, the creatures in the film and costumes.

Although some Disney movies faced their share of problems like “Dumbo,”only a few were a success. Therefore, live action remakes should take risks instead of staying true to the storyline. Even though audiences walk into a Disney movie expecting to see the big moments and hit songs, it seems as if the producers stick to these storylines due to the nostalgia they want to create. Adding new elements such as same plots with new scenes and information to these remakes can generate an atmosphere full of wonder and magic along with unexpected moments.