Students can’t resist ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’


Tis the season! As the holidays approach, jingle bells are a common sound in homes and on the radio. It is rare to come across a person who doesn’t enjoy this at least a little. With their catchy tunes and upbeat rhythm, along with the soothing voices of their singers, Christmas songs are one of the most popular genres listened to during the holiday season.

Junior Brooke Holschauer said the reason she likes listening to Christmas music is because of the feeling it creates. Senior Giovanni Mattis enjoys holiday songs for a similar reason.

“Christmas is my favorite time of year, so when I hear [the music], I get excited because I know [it’s] coming,” Mattis said.

From classic artists like Frank Sinatra to more contemporary ones like Michael Buble, hundreds of artists sing covers of popular Christmas songs to widen their listening audience. Junior Kearsten Korn explained how she “loves” that there are so many different versions of each song.

“You can listen to the same song five times but each time sounds like a whole different song because someone else is covering it,” Korn said.

Junior David Guillensosa described his appreciation for Sinatra’s holiday albums and the memories they remind him of. He stated how the blend of Sinatra’s voice, combined with the joy of Christmas music take him back to when he was growing up.

Although the majority of people do find joy in listening to holiday music, a small percentage don’t exactly feel the same. Junior Kael Johnston thinks certain songs are “overplayed” and although he does like the music, Johnston says it gets old quickly.

There are also some who think there should be limits to listening to Christmas music. Is November too early? When holiday music starts playing, is it acceptable to start putting decorations up?

Freshman Vivian Cruzet said her mom and dad set the Christmas tree up the day before Thanksgiving while Holschauer and her family wait until Dec. 1 to put decorations up.

Students also enjoy fun traditions with their friends and family centered around holiday music. Cruzet and her family come together on Christmas Day to sing songs and play piano. She said she enjoys this because it brings her family closer. Singing songs like “Dashing Through the Snow” and “Blue Christmas,” whether they are amazing singers or not, Cruzet said makes an impact on her.  

“[It’s] that moment when everyone’s singing and you [stop] and look around and realize how grateful you are,” Cruzet said.  

No matter when people decide to put up the Jingle Bells, It’ll be a “Holly Jolly Christmas” because although Floridians will not be getting the “White Christmas” they’ve dreamed of, they’ll still be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” until it’s “Silent Night” because “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”