Instagrammers go live two at a time


photo courtesy of Briana Villigran

Sophomore Lorelai Chambers (top) and Junior Briana Villigran (bottom) test out the new group livestream feature.

3, 2,1…and you’re live! Instagram is taking updates to the next level with their live broadcasting feature. On Oct. 25, they launched a new update where two people can livestream at once. Livestreaming by yourself can sometimes be daunting, but this new component uses a split screen to allow Instagrammers to go live with a friend. To activate the “live guest” feature, users must click the icon that looks like two smiley faces. A window that shows who’s watching pops up and the user can choose who they want to invite to share the screen.

Multiple users have said it gives them a “confidence boost” because according to them, it’s more reassuring to have your friend alongside you while showing followers what’s going on in your life. User Sabrina Gonzalez, sophomore, said that this feature helped her gain followers on her Instagram. She noted that after streaming, or even during the livestream, she received tons of follow requests from people following the friend she was streaming with.

Although the majority opinion on Instagram’s new “guest live” update is mostly positive reviews, senior Teshaun Smith wishes the platform made a few changes.

“I wish more than two people could [livestream] together, but other than that, the update’s pretty solid,” Smith said.  

Some also said that group streaming mostly always affects the amount of viewers a livestream gets in a positive way.

“Both [sets of] followers can watch the livestream, so you basically get double the feedback,” senior Jordan Chambers said.

Instagrammers are utilizing this feature for many reasons including broadcasting interesting events, getting messages out, entertaining their followers, or just entertaining themselves. This new addition to the social media platform is another factor contributing to the expansion of today’s technology. The new feature will likely spur creativity in future collaborations.