Apple tempts teens with triple iPhone release


Three new iPhone models being released all under one month is nothing new to the technology generation. With all new features being introduced, “Face ID” is the newest addition on the iPhone X, which is due for pre-order on Oct. 27 and ships Nov. 3. All three phones will be a pricey hit. The iPhone X is priced for $999 along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus starting at $699.

The glass backs are back for good. All three models will have a magnificent glass back side, looking even neater than the bulletproof design the iPhones used to have. Although the design is appealing to the eye, this will be a riskier feature to include due to the shattering and cracking of screens. Phones without cases will be at a higher risk for damage.

“I’m excited to see what the glassy back will look like. I don’t think I will ever be carrying the phone without a case. I wouldn’t risk shattering it,” junior Konstantinos Vazeos said.  

Wireless charging is also one of the brilliant features Apple has to offer. Charging your new device will be more convenient than ever by simply placing the phone on a circular platform and letting it charge. Consumers may or may not find this new idea more convenient for their use. If one is charging their device during travels such as on a train, airplane, etc, this may be mildly tricky. However, for usage at home, this feature would be easier and more convenient to access.

These new phones may or may not be a popular hit, depending on the stock and quantity carriers and stores have. Consumers can also pre-order the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

“I’m looking forward to the wireless chargers but using it in school would most likely be challenging,” junior Jason Munroe said.

The newest feature on the iPhone X is Face ID. Since the phone will have no home button at all to unlock your device, unlocking the phone with fingerprints are out of question. Face ID allows one to unlock their device with facial recognition and passwords. However, if one prefers touch ID, then the iPhone 8 is a perfect match.

New cameras are also a creative new feature this year on iPhones. With improved cameras, these new devices have more to offer when upgrading from an older version of the phone. The cameras are technically the same on all three models. If the iPhone X is too pricey for one, sticking to the iPhone 8 may be a better option. With higher quality cameras, Apple has your ‘selfie game’ covered.

The prices on these new devices may be unnecessarily high for students who are on a budget. Therefore, Apple has made compatible “A-11” chips, so all devices really have high speed and quality. In other words, the $699 iPhone 8 isn’t such a bad idea or a “weaker” competitor against the iPhone X. Other models compared to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are remarkably cheaper. These prices are Apple’s first increase in sales ever in the history of iPhone prices.

“I probably will not be buying the iPhone X because it looks too similar to a Samsung phone,” junior Louis Lanzillo said.

The phones are extremely low on supply. One may not be able to get their hands on one until early 2018. “It’s going to be really, really hard to get an iPhone X this holiday season,” a statement on Apple’s website reads. Even though every iPhone is somewhat difficult to purchase instantly, the iPhone X will be even harder to buy than previous models.

Whatever the case may be, getting a new phone can always be a thrilling experience, given the bragging rights.