Drama wraps up season with classic musical ‘Legally Blonde’


Legally Blonde production flyer courtesy of Western High School Drama Department.

The curtain call for the school’s drama club has arrived, in the form of the widely successful musical Legally Blonde. From March 9-11, drama’s best will grace the stage in this classic rendition as an encore to cap off an already successful year.

Junior Vyannie Saldana, who plays the character Enid Hoopes, described the production.

“Delta Nu President Elle Woods decides to study at Harvard Law School in order to win back her one true love Warner Huntington the III. She struggles with the harsh professors and Warner’s new fiancee Vivienne Kensington. With the help of her scruffy friend, Emmett Forrest, she realizes she’s capable of succeeding without a man at her side,” Saldana said.

Tickets cost $10 at the door of the auditorium at 7 p.m., as well as 3 p.m. on March 11.

The stars who play Elle Woods are junior Kyra Mejia and freshman Ishani Kamalani, who share the role.

“I didn’t expect to get any big role, but I got the lead which goes to show that anybody can whether it’s a freshman or a senior,” Kamalani said.

Our school has been building up the reputation of this production since December. Cast members are eager for the students and staff of our school to indulge in this comedic musical centered around empowerment.