Valentine’s Day survival guide for singles


Heart candy for singles photo courtesy of Jupiter Images and used under fair use.

This Valentine’s Day, a considerable amount of people will be without a valentine, which can feel less than desirable. This list contains the paraphernalia you need to remain happy on that dreadful day. From relieving stress by listening to Drake’s “More Life” album while relaxing in a bubble bath, to watching La La Land in the bedroom, this list can help you make the most out of Valentine’s Day.

1. Netflix (For on-screen romance)

Try the classic “Titanic, ” the British rom-com “Love Actually,” or indie favorite “Amélie.”

2. Tea (So you can feel beau-TEA-ful)

Lavender tea is said to be anti-inflammatory (good for your gut, which is good for your mind), but it’s also supposed to calm down the ladies. Lemon Balm tea can calm the mind and and promote restful sleep. Kombucha Tea can detoxify the body and energize.

3. Scented Candles (To block the scent of your despair) 

Yankee Candle, Byredo and Votivo won’t let you down.

4. Tissues (Just in case) 

Best brands to keep on hand: Kleenex, Emerald Tree, Surpass.

5. Music (To tune out all that noise in your head) 

Pick your favorite tunes, but Celine Dion, Sam Smith or Adele are sure to bring the drama.

6. Oreos (For a sweet hug) 

Go for variety: Double-Stuffed, Red Velvet or Fudge Creams (Peanut Butter)

7. Two best friends (The only people who can tolerate watching corny romantic movies)

From crying and laughing with you over the movies or sharing gossip about couples, showing love for your friends is equally important on Valentine’s Day.

8. Pajamas (To combat loneliness with comfort)

Treat yourself with Alas, Lunya or Maison du Soir.

9. Fuzzy Socks (To keep your feet warm and your mind off the heartburn)

American Eagle, World’s Softest and Acorn offer quality socks.

10. Bubble baths (The most relaxing thing all day. Seriously, don’t miss this part!)

Dr. Teal’s, Summer’s Eve and A Thousand Wishes are just a few options.

11. Pizza (The best food in the world in always the best remedy for heartbreak.) 

Go wild with gooey cheese, a lightly singed crust and hearty pepperoni.