Gift ideas for couples


A creative example of a Valentine’s Day gift – photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and used under fair use.


From pink to red, roses are a timeless staple of Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Bears

For when your significant other isn’t around, you’ll still have something to hug.


Whether it’s white chocolate, dark chocolate and every delicious flavor in between, chocolate is a basic necessity for Valentine’s Day. With the different assortments, fillings and sizes, there is really no going wrong.

Photo collage

Hopeless romantics will love this idea. Putting priceless memories into one documented puzzle, a photo collage can represent love and happiness as well as being very creative.

Jar full of sweet notes

A good and popular idea may be to color-code the notes for different meanings such as: “Reasons why I love you” in red or “Things we’re going to do in the future” in pink.

Burn a CD with all of their favorite songs

Whether or not you significant other enjoys love songs, rap, or even rock, this idea is simple and very heartfelt.

Coffee mug with a message written on it

Whether it’s a picture or just and “I love you” mug, it’ll definitely come in handy this holiday season.

Missing puzzle piece necklace

In whichever color or size you choose, this present represents that your significant other completes you.

A promise ring

A gift to show that your relationship is destined to last. Show your significant other that you plan on sticking around for a long time.