Long distance relationships


Cute depiction of long distance relationships image courtesy of lifehack.com and used under fair use.

Bittersweet dates, Skype calls that last until sunrise and daydreaming of living in the same zip code characterize relationships executed across long distances, which prove to be an  array of devotion and dejection. Working on creating a genuine connection between partners is a difficult task, especially when dates are a rare occasion.

Long distance relationships are a true test of faith for both partners. Feelings of paranoia, distrust and loneliness can creep in, leaving a partner feeling lost.

“[In my experience], having a significant other who you can’t see any time you want will always end destructively,” senior Jessi Kaplan said.

Though this isn’t the only case, others typically associate these negative aspects with long distance relationships. The destructive stereotype of these bonds doesn’t accurately portray how loving these relationships can be.

The daunting challenge of maintaining a long distance relationship can seem to be overwhelming, but the struggles of the partnership are what makes it so beautiful and lovely.

“If anything, being away from each other makes our relationship stronger. Distance not only allows us to grow as a couple, but grow as people [as well],”  freshman Megan Nelson said. Even though her boyfriend is constantly out of the country, due to being a Red Bull sponsored BMX rider, their love still stays strong.

Lacking frequent contact creates an appreciation for one another. Even if these couples only get to see one another every few months, those times will be treasured, thus strengthening the couple’s bond. Problems and doubts can easily fade away just from a simple phone call. If couples openly talk about their triumphs and struggles, the pressure will quickly fade away.

Trust and faith are two essential aspects to all relationships, especially ones that are long distance. As long as both partners are faithful, the hardships of these relationships become invisible.

“It’s very easy to keep loving Jimmy [her fiance], I know that as long as I stay faithful, he will as well,” senior Tahlia Curbelo said. Since he’s in the Army, she and her fiancé see each other three or four times per year.

As people decide that their relationship is worth keeping alive when distance comes between them, there are many steps they take in order to keep the fire alive.

“With the internet, you can interact online doing things like playing video games together overchat,” senior Jeff Lowry said. “Make sure that both partners know how much they appreciate and love each other.” Having being in a long distance relationship previously, Lowry knows how much a simple “I love you” can go.

“Just let one other know how much you love each other and everything will be fine,” Curbelo said.

Long distance relationships, though challenging, can be immensely rewarding. When it comes to true, pure love, distance stands little to no chance. As long as two partners are really committed to each other, miles become inches and weeks become seconds.