Chorus illuminates at Candelight

A mass choir of schools around America accompanied Walt Disney’s Voices of Liberty and performed a live orchestra show on Dec. 3 with Johnathan Groff, voice of Kristoff from Frozen, telling the story of Christmas in words and music.  Performances were held at the America Gardens Theatre in Orlando where students arrived backstage of Epcot Disney. Students rehearsed and met Groff while accepting the gold robes and candles they would wear and wield for the show.

Groff sang “Reindeers Are Better Than People” backstage, a song from Disney’s musical fantasy-comedy film Frozen.  Students were glad to have Groff as their narrator.

“It was amazing,” senior Dayna Peck said, “he was really nice, and he even let us sing along with him backstage.”

Before students left to get ready and go on stage, “[Groff] winked at us and wished us good luck,” sophomore Andrea Cerrato said.

The Candlelight Processional also provides dining packages, allowing participants to enjoy a meal at one of Epcot’s restaurants, such as Lotus Blossom Café, Sann Angel Inn and a variety of other delicious restaurants. Epcot also saves everyone a seat for the show.

“It was a no brainer; I knew I had to go,” sophomore Genesis Mejia said.

People who enjoy the Christmas holidays most likely showed up just to witness Epcot’s breathtaking display of sights and sounds.

“The audience [was] mesmerized,” Peck said.

Park admission got guests into Epcot, allowing them to attend the many shows including the Candlelight Processional.

Students from choir were most excited to “hangout with friends at Orlando and do what we love, sing,” Mejia said.

Chorus members wait to perform with Jonathan Groff in Epcot
Photo courtesy of Dayna Peck
Chorus members wait to perform with Jonathan Groff at Epcot