Opinion: Don’t count Brady out in Super Bowl LV


"American football in Tel-Aviv, Israel" by RonAlmog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Super Bowl LV kicks off at 6:30 p.m. in Tampa on Sunday Feb. 7 featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is set up to be one of the weirdest ones yet as the two teams must not only battle each other but also COVID-19. With attendance at Tampa’s event limited to 22,000 masked fans, down from last year’s 62,000 in Miami, players, coaches and fans attending games are all doing their part in ensuring safety. 

A poll of 124 students, found 63 percent of people favored reigning champions Kansas City while 37 percent favored Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers are the clear underdog this game but have shown flashes of great football during their playoff run with Super Bowl veteran quarterback Tom Brady at the helm. Despite the Chiefs having the upperhand with pure talent and a 14-2 record, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a force to be reckoned with, considering the experience Brady has in the playoffs with his record setting 6 rings. Brady’s leadership should not be overlooked.  

Even though Tom Brady’s 19 years of play in the league is impressive and is a large factor for analysts and sports betters, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl win and are hungry for more. The Chiefs have a young pass catching backfield, an above average defense, and arguably the quarterback with the best arm in the league. Their quick receiving core includes speed demon Tyreek Hill and trustworthy target Travis Kelce. These weapons all pose a serious threat to Brady and the Bucs and are heavily favored over Tampa Bay. 

On  February 3, news broke that the Kansas City team barber had been infected with COVID-19 and received the news on the job with 20 of the Chiefs players in line for a trim, including MVP contender and team leader Patrick Mahomes. Two players had to be isolated as close contacts but the barber is the only positive test so far. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take the game this Sunday and Brady can walk away with his history-stretching 7th Super Bowl ring. Coming off a win in last year’s Super Bowl and a 27-24 victory over the Bucs in November, the Chiefs might take this game for granted and come into it a little cocky, however the Buccaneers haven’t won a title since 2002. This recent drought will fuel Tampa Bay towards their first victory in 19 years. Another factor to consider is that 43-year-old Brady might want to show that he can do this without longtime coach Bill Belichck to seal the G.O.A.T. debate. The main questions are will the Chiefs go into Sunday with the same incentive as last year and will Tom Brady use his many years of experience to propel his squad towards a long awaited title? I’m betting on Brady.