Decorating too early for winter holidays a no-go with Thanksgiving lovers


Source: Flickr

The annual Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade always introduces Christmas decorations early, as show in this 2013 parade.

Just as Thanksgiving arrives, it seems it has already passed as winter-themed decor overshadows the more relevant fall decorations.

This relentless pursuit of winter holidays pushing their way into the spotlight has caused people to completely disregard Thanksgiving. One culprit of this crime is superstores. With Christmas decorations in stock, they are only feeding the problem. Walmart starts selling Christmas trees well before people the Thanksgiving table has been set.

In fact, those who choose to decorate early also contribute to this injustice. They argue the benefit of premature decorating comes from taking a toll off of the hectic weeks just before the actual holiday. But is this reason enough to completely overlook the smaller-scale holidays such as Thanksgiving?

“Some people just like to see their Christmas tree while eating Thanksgiving dinner” and “[early decorators] just have holiday spirit,” sophomore Chloe Boulanger said.

Although some support early decorating, the majority agree that it is uncalled for. In a Twitter poll, run by @amandarod_, when asked the correct time to begin decorating for winter holidays, 60 percent voted December, 30 percent voted November and 10 percent voted October.

Sophomore Kathryn Daher is among those who decorate in December and said that is the appropriate time to do so because “December is the month [of] Christmas, so there is no point of decorating before.”

Some even take it to a whole new extreme and consider decorating in October as acceptable. The utter neglect of Halloween should be un-welcomed in today’s society.

 “It is really weird because you’ll have Santa hanging out in your living room and it’s only Halloween,” sophomore Elizabeth Coley said.

As winter approaches, the problem just keeps getting worse. While the streets become lined with more and more Christmas lights, it is important to remember that November is for Thanksgiving, not snowmen or candy canes.