Band members showcase talent in winter concert

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Band members showcase talent in winter concert

Concert band performs an array of holiday-themed songs at the winter concert on Dec. 13.

Concert band performs an array of holiday-themed songs at the winter concert on Dec. 13.

Concert band performs an array of holiday-themed songs at the winter concert on Dec. 13.

Concert band performs an array of holiday-themed songs at the winter concert on Dec. 13.


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Providing friends and family with a taste of what the music department has to offer, band director Johnnie Tracey and choral director Brandon Monse showcase a holiday concert for all to attend every year. Indian Ridge band students invited to perform this year as well, the music department provided the community with something new on Dec. 13.

Rehearsing non-stop every day in and after school, the concert band consists of approximately forty students. Senior Jared Tracey has been one of the drum majors since his sophomore year.

“It didn’t really hit me until after I walked off the stage,” Tracey said, “It was my last winter concert.”

Playing classics in the form of an interactive sing-along, the concert itself was nothing short of a “Sleigh Ride into the winter season. Typically conducting, Tracey sat along his peers and played trumpet for the performance.

“My favorite part had to be just playing and having a good time with [the band],” Tracey said. “They’re my family.”

Hoping to carry her passion on through college, senior Daniela Gomez has been a member of both the concert and marching band since her freshman year. She is also the clarinet section leader. While this concert remains somewhat of a tradition, fresh faces have been brought into the light for all to enjoy.

“Performing with [the Indian Ridge students] was really fun,” Gomez said. “It was bittersweet watching them get excited about how big the crowd was.”

Per tradition, the color guard class choreographed the entire performance themselves. With only the provided time available in class, resources are somewhat scarce, yet the show must go on. Junior Kevin Nguyen has been involved in the guard since his sophomore year.

“Being the only guy, I get singled out a lot,” Nguyen said. “It makes me work a lot harder.”

Drawing attention from every seat in the room from the second he stepped on the stage, Nguyen was the grand finale of the guard’s performance. Self-taught on bō staff, a Japanese piece of equipment used commonly in martial arts, Nguyen always seeks new ways to improve.

“Concerts are my favorite because I get to show off what I’ve been working on the whole year,” Nguyen said.

With a large portion of the guard (over half) graduating with class of 2018, next year’s band is largely dependent on incoming members. Sophomore Hallie Goltz, also a member of the marching band, plans on sticking with the team until her graduation in 2020.

“My favorite part has to be working with the rifle line,” Goltz said, “We all dressed up as the different reindeer for the performance. I thought it was really cute.”

With over 100 members in total, chorus wrapped up the holiday event with a bang. Performing classics from the Disney Candlelight Processional, they rehearse daily. Senior Susie Garcia has been involved since her freshman year.

“I wouldn’t trade memories like this for the world,” Garcia said, “I’ve spent the last four years with these people.”

Wrapping up a successful showcase, alumni were invited onstage to conclude the show with a lively rendition of “Hallelujah.

In addition to introducing the school to a new generation of talent, the annual event provides friends and family who are usually unable to attend competitions or rehearsals a chance to see what their children have spent hours after school perfecting in order to truly understand their passions.

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