Switching from shortstop to second base, Kayla Leibman thrives on the softball field


photo courtesy of Western High School Media Crew.

Hitting home runs and dominating the game at second base, senior Kayla Leibman has been playing softball since she was 7 years old. Currently, Leibman prospers in her new position at second base, where she recently moved from shortstop.

“I’m doing well at second base, so I don’t mind [the change],” Leibman said.

Leibman has a strong support system, especially with her sports career. She has many people on her side pushing her to succeed.

“My mom has always pushed me to try harder and never give up when things got tough, [as well as] one of my past coaches [Mike Marcus] who shaped me into the hitter I currently am,” Leibman said.

The team has made it to states for several consecutive years in the past, and Leibman is hopeful that they will do the same this year. She is confident in her teammates and coaches to all work together and reach their goal of a state championship. With the team heading to regionals on Wednesday, that possibility seems increasingly likely.

“My teammates are awesome, and I especially love playing with my two best friends Leah [Carman] and Katie [Fletcher]. My coaches always push us because they want the best for us.”

Carman said playing with Leibman for several years created chemistry.

“Kayla has taught me a lot about the sport and I think we both push each other to be better,” Carman said.

Playing the sport for so long, setbacks such as the dropping of grades or injuries are common; however, Leibman has maintained her grades and only experienced one injury in her softball career.

“My junior year I had a minor concussion during practice and I was out for two weeks,” she admitted.

Prior to Leibman stepping onto the field, she listens to music and gets into her zone.

“This helps me gain confidence and feel pumped,” Leibman said. The routine paid off and she committed to Pensacola State University on Nov. 15. “I feel blessed to receive this offer and all the other accolades I have achieved.”

“Getting chosen as Athlete of the Month for softball is a honor, and I know there were several other people who could have gotten selected, but the fact that I received it makes me feel great,” she said.

Softball has filled the majority of Leibman’s life, and she could not see it any other way.