Fans put on edge by Walking Dead finale


Mathew Reyes, Staff Writer

AMC’s hit zombie horror drama, The Walking Dead, aired its fifth season finale on March 29, leaving fans replete with anticipation for the next season.

Entitled “Conquer,” the episode begins with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) held at gunpoint by a member of the Wolves, a group of vicious scavengers that conform to an ancient belief that men evolved from wolves. Afterwards, the setting switches to Alexandria, a safe-zone created by architect Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter) who enclosed a neighborhood with tall metal walls. Here, leader and former congresswoman Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) decides to hold a meeting to discuss Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) outburst.  Because of this, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), tries to persuade Deanna to keep Rick in the community, stating that his main objective is to protect the town. Unmoved by Maggie’s comment, Deanna says that she’ll “do what she has to do.”

The finale leaves many questions to be answered in the next season: who are the Wolves, what will become of Alexandria and what will happen to Rick and his group? The reintroduction of Morgan, whose last appearance was in the season premiere, “No Sanctuary,” gives the show a different perspective. Now that Morgan is becoming a recurring character, fans can view the ravaged world mold him, whether into someone benefiting to the group or hindering everyone around him. Also, having a safe-haven where people try to resume life from before the outbreak gives an excellent glimpse into the problems each character faces, whether internally or with another inhabitant of Alexandria. This view into everyone’s persona gives a realistic flare to the show that is sure to impress fans.

While the show offers intriguing characters and setting, the action and dramatic elements are what tie it all together. The sight of the main characters mowing down an entire horde of walkers or engaging in an intense shootout with enemies brings out the jaw-clenching action scenes that make the show more than just monotonous dialogue. However, the scenes where people discuss their courses of action or when they recapitulate over a memory that haunts them provides a connection between characters necessary to take the show into dramatic territory, rather than stagnating with mindless action. In the season finale, all of these elements are balanced astoundingly.

Overall, the season finale is an outstanding end to the fifth season of the post-apocalyptic drama with old roles coming back into the light, secrets being revealed and glimpses given of new enemies lurking in the surrounding area. The season finale is sure to leave many fans with extreme anticipation for what’s to come next season.