New album “Froot” is a diamond in the rough

The Froot of Marina's labors pays off

New album

Mili Molina, Staff Writer

Almost three years after the release of Electra Heart, Welsh singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds has ditched the blonde wig and heart on her cheek and transformed into a 70’s electric goddess decorated in fruits. After plenty of planning, writing and personal growth, the finished product Froot has fans infatuated with her sweet new sound and triumphant lyrics that showcase how much she has grown since she shed the “cheap shimmering glitter.”

The entire album has yet to be released, but it was leaked a few weeks ago and angsty fans got a taste of the album’s style with “Froots of the Month” single promotional releases. Enclosed in the opening track  “Happy” are Marina’s strong vocals and a slow ballad that gives fans insight on her new mindset. With lyrics like “I found what I’ve been looking for in myself” and “Happiness it followed me,” it’s clear she is singing about living to make herself happy instead of searching for happiness in someone else.

The bold  title-track “Froot” has funky disco beat influences and also promotes the theme of happiness. The song is loaded with catchy fruit puns and sexual innuendos are clear in the clever and provocative lyrics like “hanging like a fruit/ ready to be juiced” and “They’re gonna make me into sweet red wine,” providing a definitive contrast from the rest of the album.

The electro synth in “Froot” is also found in “Forget” and “Can’t Pin Me Down.” These songs connect with the style of her previous album Electra Heart, with clear pop influences in the beats and subtle feminist tones in lyrics like “you ain’t got me sussed yet / not even close.”  These tracks are all about Marina reinventing herself and again carry on the theme of making herself happy and blossoming into a genuinely self-assured individual that doesn’t need verification from others.

In the heartfelt track “Blue,” Marina sings about letting go and regretting it even though she knows it’s for the best with lyrics like “I’ve said goodbye and now I regret it,” “I’m bored of everything we do / but I just keep coming back to you” and  “I don’t wanna feel blue anymore.”

Towards the end, Marina touches on religious and political issues in the track “Savages.” She sings “I’m not scared of God / I’m scared of man” and “Are you killing for yourself or for your saviour?” and questions the validity of the extremism running rampant in society.

Overall, Froot is an impressive album that showcases Marina’s talent and growing maturity. The album is the “Froot” of her hard labor.  It’s a dramatic change from her bubblegum pop past, but it illuminates the true evolution of Marina and the Diamonds.