ASAP Science YouTube channel reinvents science for teens

Casey Bierman, Staff Writer

From silly cat videos to cooking tutorials, YouTube contains thousands of weird and wacky clips that have taken over the internet. Many teens are sucked in for hours, watching meaningless videos and gaining no knowledge from them. Luckily, a new YouTube channel called ASAP Science has been created by two college students dedicated to science in order to educate viewers on widely misunderstood topics in a fun way.

The channel takes commonly asked questions and provides a scientific answer. Simple drawings on a white board illustrate the narrator’s words. The videos cover a wide variety of topics such as the reasons why humans cry or what the ideal amount of sleep is. Viewers may be surprised at some of the shocking answers to these commonly asked questions.

Even those who don’t understand science can understand these videos because of the simple explanations and detailed drawings. The creators try to make science fun and interesting for those who aren’t science fans while answering life’s mysteries. Not only do they attempt to make these videos extremely humorous, but they also allow the audience to learn without feeling lectured to. The videos are bite-sized and eye-catching, making them anything but boring.

More examples of topics covered include the possibility of recording dreams, the effect of caffeine on the brain and the feasibility of living on Mars. The creators of ASAP Science also established a second channel named ASAP Thought, where they conduct different experiments and debates on varying topics such as music or diet fads.

These informational videos are addictive, leaving the viewer with a thirst for new topics and a desire to learn science facts in an exciting way. New videos are posted every week and anyone can submit a question in the comment box below the video. If one is surfing the web and wants to be entertained and amazed, these videos are a great alternative to cats playing the piano.