Students unwind during Spring Break

Spring break comes quickly as March ends and students anticipate a much deserved break before testing session. Unlike last spring, COVID cases have slowed down and all students are eligible for the vaccine, making this years break to feel a bit more normal than last. With concerts, attractions and events reverting to normal conditions, spring break plans are endless.

Many students are planning to reconnect with their friends to take a step back from their studies and focus on their personal relationships. Sophomore Annalisa Bjorklund is excited to spend her spring days with close friends by visiting local carnivals and shopping centers.

“I see my friends pretty often,” Bjorklund admits, “but nothing is like spring break gatherings.”

As Florida weather heats up, the beaches are looking more appealing to students. Only a drive away, hotspots like Hollywood beach and Miami are new destinations for upperclassmen with vehicles. However, beach days are just as popular among underclassmen who are excited to spend time with family by the water. Freshman Sabrin Abedulazis says she is looking forward to traveling to the coast.

“My family and I used to go to the beach daily in summer,” Abedulazis said. “It’s finally time we continue that tradition this week.”

However, some students plan to travel outside the state to explore the country and visit loved ones. Senior Connor Tunning anticipates a family road trip across the states with his parents and siblings. Junior Cristian Carrillo already purchased plane tickets with his parents to visit family in New York after being unable to see them since before the pandemic began in 2020. 

Other students are taking an initiative to complete their volunteer graduation requirements by servingservicing like sophomore Daphne Bendayan. She’s planning to dedicate her days to volunteering at the hardrock cafe. While others prefer to go more traditional routes for service like sophomore Hanna Neugaard who plans to continue volunteering at animal shelters because she finds it enjoyable. 

“It’s something I really missed during in the summer” and “I definitely want to continue during break,” Neugaard said. 

Unfortunately, not all students have the liberties to freely enjoy break. As the testing session closely follows spring break, students are worried for their success. Subsequently, many have scheduled personal study sessions in preparation for end-of-year finals. Underclassmen like sophomore Briana Casanova believe this year’s testing session will be harder than last. 

“With all testing in-person this year, I’ll need all of spring break to study,” Casanova said.  “I can’t afford to do poorly.”

Meanwhile, seniors are a bit more laid back as they aim to enjoy their last high school spring break before graduation. 

Despite the busy school session following break, there are still many ways students can relax during their week off. Junior Liam Friend  simply plans to spend his days at home engaging in his own personal hobbies like playing the drums. He finds this the perfect way to unwind and improve his skills. After all, spring break is perfect for good, old-fashioned hobbies and relaxation.